Words And Numbers, Please

Industrial wash tubs, cut down, cleaned and with the edges ground smooth.

The addition of German grain sack cushions completes the picture.


Jerry, the world’s most fabulous upholsterer, made these chairs feel as good

as they look.

My love of words and numbers  is always apparent in my space in Hudson. 

Below, the wool carding mill cubbies, the cracker boxes and, of course, the

grain sack all have something to say.  There are diminutive numbers on the

ironstone apothecary  bowls, the name of a French hotel on the plates and,

for reasons unknown, the number 5 on the round rock. 

The factory chest below has wooden dividers inside.  There was no chance that the

wrong item would be pulled from these drawers with the double-numbering system.

Isn’t there anything here that isn’t written on ?

  I guess the ticking stool on the left

and the big green table (below) are the silent type. I am very tempted to get out my

pen and take care of this worrisome situation.

One comment

  1. The green table is exactly what I have been looking for! Is there any way you can get back to me?

    I’m in PA and can easily get up to you!