What I Wish I Did At Brimfield

—This is the end of another incredible week of doing what we love in one of

our favorite places, Brimfield.  And, as usual,  there is only one thing that I

wish I had been able to do…take photos of the beautiful, the outlandish and

the wonderful things I saw.

—Like the 60 foot Swedish tent in the back of the Meadows, all divided into room

settings full of the real thing : soft pale grey and white furniture…not that mass

produced stuff you see everywhere now. In the same field, another enormous

tent, again with room settings, but this time, the furnishings were industrial/

farm chic. Everywhere, in every field, there were things to astound, to smile

about. And worthy of recording.

—But our days are spent like this :  we start out as early as we can (we only managed

one 5am start this time), we shop till noon, drive to a deli in Sturbridge for lunch

which we eat next to the park in Brimfield, then for the next 4 hours, we drive in

and out of the fields picking up our stuff.  We take it all to our staging ground in the

back of Green Acres where we load it onto our trailer.  By 5:30, we are on the raod

for the 2- 1/2 hour trip home where we unload, get some sleep and start over again

the next day. So, sadly, I can’t squeeze much picture-taking, other than what we

have purchased,  into the schedule.

—The photos here are a small sampling of what I got.  It is mostly all in the rough, so don’t

judge it yet!  Once Ken has done his thing, it will all look pretty fabulous.

Work benches….

  The blue paint is so good.

   The gray-green is good, too.

  It was the back splash on this one.   

  This one is hard to see! It is 8′

long and has the thick bleached top with 5″ iron pipe legs.  The huge gauges are sitting

on it.

Store counters….

 The red has to go.


     I love this one.     

 And, this one!

Containers (including the best French egg hen I’ve ever seen)….


Seating, fine and funky. Some to upholster with grain sacks, some to just leave plain….

   The color!

  The legs!

      The oil cloth seat! 

   Simple American.

   Simple Swedish.

    Bad color + needs grain sack cushion.

The sofa (below) has already absorbed into my house until some customer spots it….

And, this other stuff….

  Electrical Department door.


 The spikes will be clipped off of these

industrial  things so that grommeted grain sack bags can be attached. The handle on the top

will allow them to hang. Or they will be door handles.

  Stone sinks.

   Something intriguing.

   Barn vents to turn into lighting.


Below, a bunch of English decorator’s ladders and a bunch of old European train gas

lamps to be electrified.


A bunch of old French cloches, linen over wooden frames. Divine….


An alter, large enough to be a side table and one of a number of gifts from the sea….


   And so much more.

Maybe at some other flea market or at Brimfield in July,  I will have the time to record

some of the spectacular things that draw us all back time after time. Maybe not. For now,

though, I am content with what I did do. It sure was a lot.


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I was at Brimfield last week and saw your beautiful totes- after a search online, I am sure yours are the nicest and I’m sorry I passed on buying one. Will you be at Brimfield again in July, and, do you ever make totes out of the sacks that have horses on them? (I especially loved the ones that had the leather strap details on the sides).
    Many thanks!
    Janet Morris

  2. Your blog is brilliant!!!! I had no idea you were doing one!!! I have spent the last three hours reading and visually absorbing your world of beauty!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing it!!!!

  3. I love ALL your finds, but my favorites are the old farm tables and the altar. Thanks for sharing.