Three Out Of Five Ain’t Bad

Early last week, we went to see a picker in the Adirondacks

who had called us about a table with beefy legs and a work bench

that he thought we would like.  We took the long way (no highways

allowed!) which took us past so many old Greek Revivals, barns

and churches in various states of repair. We passed through

Saratoga and Lake George with no complaints. The picker’s house is

high on a hill in the woods. Here are five things we saw in the tall


The beefy table!

The workbench!

The snake!

Another workbench sitting on his truck!

A chops-licking kitty!  Where did that snake go?

We only brought home three of out the five things we saw.  While we

greatly admired the other two, it seemed best to let them stay behind

in their Adirondack home.

One comment

  1. Ah yes, the ribbon snake. A fine specimen of a common species of Northeastern garter snakes. When my son was little, he used to find them down by a wetland area not far from the house. One night as we sat watching TV, I saw something crawling through my weeping fig tree. Lo and behold, there was a lovely ribbon snake that had somehow gotten loose from its box and wanted a good view of the television program. Thanks again for stirring up another fine memory!