These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

In all my years of selling antiques, I have only known one dealer who didn’t have

a house full of favorite things. She is a smart woman who knows her product.  And

that is all it is to her…a product.  She  can admire it and place it in her inventory,

but keep it?   Not  her!


Me, on the other hand? I love everything way too much to sell!  The grain sack

(above) is my oldest. I certainly can’t be expected to sell that!


This grain sack (above) ?  Please!  It’s one of my favorites.  I can’t sell that one

either.  I loved the one (below) so much that I hid it so no customer would see

it in the grain sack room.  I have some large piles of  “Private Stock” (all too

wonderful to sell) which I occasionally delve into when someone needs

something special,  like a ram or a bee skep.  I got so anxious about this sack,

that I made it into a purse so no one could talk me out of it!  Not that I ever carry

a purse.  But, still.

All antique dealers have their lists of the things they should have bought and

the things they wish they had not sold.  Most have houses full of their favorites. 

Many keep only the best of the best.  I only keep what makes my heart sing.

That makes it the best of the best for me.

One comment

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that grain sacks are a few of your favorite things. They represent your beautiful personality and wonderful strength of character. They are sooo you!