I Spy….Something That Is Chewed

The find of the weekend :  a wooden lazy-susan storage bin from a defunct  lingerie


The edges of many of the compartments have been nibbled away over the

years by some furry occupant of the old brick building. Too big to be mouse nawings,

we all guessed woodchucks?

–We will  remove the bin from its box and let it stand on its own as sculpture, maybe

on its existing base with the funky canted feet.

–The factory workers probably didn’t see the charm of this thing as they reached

out for bra hooks or elastic. 

And I wonder about the workers in some other land who now make our underwear,

how their supplies are stored and whether, in the future, someone like me will see

beauty in those ordinary work-a-day furnishings and want to bring them home to

use in a whole new way.