Inside The Grain Elevator

Last week we went to meet one of the factory guys to pick up a load

of the industrial pieces that we  love so much.  As we pulled into the

lot near the old wooden building, where we had not been before, I

spotted what looked like a grain elevator. This was very exciting to

me as I have been intrigued by these edifices, even though their

invention, in part, spelled the beginning of the end for grain sacks

around the world.  See the little building up on the roof ? That’s the

grain elevator ! 

Like an indoor silo, it stored the grain so that the farmer did not have

to. Inside was a riot of eye candy !


No paper ?  No worries !  All plans, calculations and fine art could be

worked out right on the wall.

Mixed among the many treasures that day was a wonderful grain

sack filler/funnel to which a grain sack would be attached and loaded

with grain. Shown on the right in the photo below, my new 

filler/funnel sports a great sack from my inventory. I already owned

the  filler/funnel on the left.  So I guess that means I have a collection!


What a good way to display lavender bags and pillows.



Sometimes, the unexpected pleasures are the best ones of all.

A Country Chaise and A Tantrum

–It only took 6 hours (2 hours of in-person training last week in Burlington, Vt….

not to mention the 6 hours of driving time, a 1 hour DimDim…or, as I call it, Dumb

Dumb…session this morning and 3 hours of trial, error and tears this afternoon) for

me to enter this one photo, here in this spot.

–Now that it’s in, I wonder if I can do it again.  And, if not, why did I choose this

particular picture when I have so many others that I like, probably way more than

this one? Even so, it’s a good-looking daybed with its grain sack pillow (even though

it is so unfortunately placed across the center of the picture), very few weeds appear

in the spaces where I mean to have moss or creeping-something growing, the road

hardly shows.  And, after all, it IS a country road. But what’s that spot on the stone? 

Does it exist or is it some camera concoction?  It was starting to rain as I set up the

shot and I had to think fast: save the daybed or save the camera? Oh, go ahead, one

quick click won’t hurt….

–But wait! Why am I obsessing over imperfections, both real and imagined, when,

finally, after weeks of wishing, success is mine?  Look what I did!  Who cares what it

looks like!  In fact, it is fabulous.