When I look at photos from The Hudson Mercantile, I spot themes that continue
from one year to the next. Things with writing on them have always struck my fancy and
the pair of factory doors, the men’s department door, the ice bag and the Hudson’s Soap
doggy dish are no exceptions. I don’t know if it is because I really love to read and write
words or if there is something about the visual effect of them that pleases me so much.
These packages, books shipped in the 1940s, which sat, unopened til now in a warehouse in
Chicago, were just too good to pass up. The waxed brown paper, creamy twine, the old
stamps and…again!…the writing. On either side of the books are a toss game and a parade
banner. More words! Do other people notice that they are everywhere?
A close up of the beautiful penmanship…..
I guess I wouldn’t have been so enthralled with this folksy cupboard without its assertion
to “Keep Out”!
I had two of these “Old Home Day” banners (below), one for upholstering the back of a sofa,
the other to sell “as is”. The banners always made me think of childhood picnics, fireflies
and dropping off the tire swing over the river that ran through my parent’s friend’s place
in the country.
The European rail road signs (below) let us know what to do using symbols
rather than words. That’s a good thing in a situation where many different
languages are spoken. But, while I love them and think they are fun, they
don’t do it for me the way the contractor’s sign behind them does.
Words have a power over us, they tell us what to do and where to go. They
inform us and make us feel. As soon as I was born, my mother started reading
to me. Maybe when I see words now, something deep within me remembers
gazing upon the pages as I listened to her magical voice. It’s something to think
about anyway.

New For The New Year

The new year is always an exciting time and, for me,  2014 will bring a new name, two new

stores and so much fun that I can hardly keep still.  After four very happy years at the Hudson

Supermarket, I will be moving on to a new adventure in Hudson:  The Hudson Mercantile. We

will have two fantastic stores, one located in a huge old warehouse, seen below in a “before”

picture. The warehouse will be ready to open in April-May, 2014.

The other,  a traditional shopfront at 318 Warren Street, opened January 1, 2014.

Both Hudson Mercantile locations will be home to a wonderful mix of dealers, all

dedicated to offering the coolest furnishings around. We all hope that you will love

the new stores as much as we do.






What Have I Been Doing?

For months I’ve been under the impression that, because of some changes in Picasa,
I could not post pictures in my blog.  I’ve missed it so much and have even stopped
taking photos except for those that I need for business.  Tonight I sat down to try
one last time and, somehow…magically,  it all fell into place.

Writing the blog has always been something I have done just to please myself,  kind
of  like keeping a journal.  I never really know if anyone sees me here and that is just
fine.  But, with no recent written record,  I wonder what exactly I have been
doing since the last time I posted.

Well, there’s this.
And this.

Does it look like Ken does all the really hard work?
It’s true.  It’s a well known fact that all I do is point.
And, he’s not just a pair of strong arms either.  His re-purposing skills are  legendary.
The lockers (above) are a case in point. (This, and many other items in this post,
are on offer at the Hudson Supermarket).
The industrial cart (above) will probably become a small sofa.
The factory table (above) is my most favorite Brimfield purchase. We will
let it sit outside so most of the grease can bake off.  The sun, a
bottle of purple stuff and some sand paper will turn this into a fabulous
honey color.

Another Brimfield favorite, an International tractor grill… soon to be
a piece of sculpture, with the addition of a wooden stand.
Oh, and more prizes!  The zinc tub,  sporting  just the right amount
of old white paint.  The two tall spool boxes leaning on the wall are
from the Scalamandre workshop.  The iron sign, “On the Avenue,”  is
made of pipe and full of holes.  It was originally attached to a gas line
and stood  in front of a Manhattan restaurant back in the days when
there were no rules prohibiting flaming signs on public streets.

Another of Ken’s beautiful pieces (above).
Oh, now I see some more Brimfield favorites.  The blue grey bench!  The French baskets:
goose, truffle, egg, feather, and a stack of 7 for rising bread dough.

One time, a friend said “oh Stephanie, EVERYTHING is your favorite!”
I cannot disagree as I look at this huge ball of string, big enough to
fill a chair, and think “it’s my favorite!”

And, just one last favorite…a grain-sack-covered friend, warming up in the best way
possible on a chilly Brimfield morning.
Looking back at what I’ve been doing for the last few months,  I have to think
it has been time well spent.

Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Nothing makes a French daybed as pretty as a cushy French-hand-rolled mattress.

The addition of some grain sack pillows makes it just perfect. 

The daybed below is newly dressed in a vintage French sheet of fabulous

heavy linen with embroidered initials.

Both daybeds are in the Hudson Supermarket, Hudson, NY if a catnap

is needed.

Who wants a giant bag of candy?

Last year at Christmas time I filled big bowls with candy.  The good

kind.  None of that awful hard candy that no one wants!  I had them

all around my space in the Bournebrook Antique Center.  Believe it

or not, 40 pounds of candy disappeared in three days. Now I know

why people put out the hard candy. It lasts forever!


My friend, Denis, and me… before we knew the candy wouldn’t last till


What Are They?


Above, a late 1700’s French boot scraper.  Prongs at the back were

imbedded in the wall.  The decorative points faced down and the boots

were scraped across the top.

 And a late 1700’s English version.

Look how a few hundred years of boot cleaning has worn down the iron.

See them up close at Hudson Supermarket in Hudson, NY.