Following the Pumpkin Man

 –It was just a ride without an agenda. Well, I did want to get some Almond Joy

ice cream at the end of the trip. But other than that, just a ride. We wanted to

meander, turn down intriguing country roads, see how the leaves were

progressing, poke around some pretty towns and see the sights (farms, cows,

geese) alongside the road.

–We made a big loop east from our house in NYS, north through Vermont, west in

Orwell, VT. to cross Lake Champlain at its narrowest point, riding the 12-vehicle

ferry into Ticonderoga, NY, then south along Lake George, east out of Saratoga and

home again.

–And we weren’t the only ones making this state-to-state loop. On the ferry, we met a

couple who had picked 20 bushels (!) of potatoes in NYS and a few bushels of apples

in Vermont. After exiting the ferry, they planned to stop for raspberries just below

Ticonderoga and corn further south.

–Best of all, though, was the pumpkin man!

His farm is in Vermont, his customers are in NY, his loop is made daily. 


We spotted a funky antique shop just below Ticonderoga where things left to weather

in the yard proudly sported price tags and inside, well-organized chaos was the name

of the game.


Who knows how, in this place of such abundance, hanging on the back of a door, I found

a US Domestic mailbag ,  perfect to upholster something with.


At a tag sale, I found 40 old horse show ribbons, an interesting base for a drafting table

to turn into a dining table and a nice oldish (the 60’s) weathervane with a copper squirrel.

We saw the beginning of the leaves, plenty of barnyard inhabitants, just about everything

anyone would want to see on a beautiful fall day. I got my ice cream!

–But, for some reason, maybe because I was so charmed by sharing the small ferry with a

big old cart full of pumpkins, I just can’t get that pumpkin man out of my mind.