Hey, Baby!

Look who’s waiting to fly !  There are four of these tiny wonders in the nest on top of the

column by our front door. 

It  is the third batch of babies in the pretty moss-filled nest this spring.  There are nests

on the other columns on our porch, too.  We have to be  ready to duck because the parents

swoop out of the nests when we come onto the porch.  When we open the front door, we

have to go easy or we’ll be spending our time shooing birds back outside and cleaning up

droppings.  Sometimes, a nest is built  in  the wreath on our front door and, if we don’t catch

it in time, we can’t use that door till the babies have flown.  Look at Bird #2 sitting on top of

Bird #4 (below).  This nest is way too crowded !  Just think how nice it will feel to fly after

this claustrophobic situation.

One year, we had baby foxes in our back barn which meant we couldn’t go in with

customers  for the few months it took for them to grow up and go off.  Watching the fox cubs

play in the yard, tumbling over each other, climbing onto industrial carts and tipping back

off again is something we’ll never forget.  These are bonuses, pleasures we never expected

when we moved to the country.