What’s In Bournebrook ?

This 10′ work table (below) is among my top ten favorite factory pieces of all time.  It once

had straight legs.  Someone didn’t like it that way and cut them off.   I love the odd 

arangement of criss-cross legs and supports and the curved drawer fronts.

Mountains of old string-tied book remnants grace an otherwise-empty spot.

An 1800s French horse stall window hangs (crookedly, I see) over a counry store counter. 

As usual, grain sacks and grain sack upholstered furniture take pride of place. The old

rippled glass of the display case is so pretty that anything looks good inside it.

Jennifer Lanne’s paintings make everything look better, too!  See more of her paintings at

www.jenniferlanne.com .


Is it a cupboard or a big easel ?

So much stuff, so little room.


Walking sideways is always a must.

Visit Bournebrook  in Troy, New York or at www.bournebrook.com .

Who wants a giant bag of candy?

Last year at Christmas time I filled big bowls with candy.  The good

kind.  None of that awful hard candy that no one wants!  I had them

all around my space in the Bournebrook Antique Center.  Believe it

or not, 40 pounds of candy disappeared in three days. Now I know

why people put out the hard candy. It lasts forever!


My friend, Denis, and me… before we knew the candy wouldn’t last till