Grain Sack Goat

So, we had been shopping for a few days at Madison-Bouckville, a large outdoor

antique show/flea market in central New York, when my sixth sense for grain

sacks suddenly kicked in. That the sack was wrapped around the neck of an old

goat was not the point. It was a grain sack and all grain sacks must have their due.


Eventually, however, the animal sporting the sack claimed my full attention, and

rightfully so.  He was made of burlap, old sheeting and the afore-mentioned grain

sack over linoleum, over a metal drum on wheels, all of which could be pulled

with a wooden lawn mower handle.  A wool face, real horns and a horse-hair beard

completed his look.  Inside his drum was a mechanism which could deliver a

mean little surprise: a small shock when his back was touched!  Yikes!  Fortunately,

he was turned off when I came along.  He’s a Fraternal thing, of course.  Masonic

or (appropriately) Odd Fellows. 

As cool as he was, the $325 dealer price made him more than I wanted to spend. 

But, he was fun to see and it’s always nice to discover another way to use my

grain sacks!