Blue Mountain Antique Show

 –The Blue Mountain Antique Show is one of our favorite road trips each year.  Rain or

shine, the Adirondacks never disappoint.  This particular Fall day was perfect…sunny

and just nippy enough for a wooly sweater.

–Getting there took forever and not just because of the number of back-road miles we had

to travel.  But, who cares?  The hold-ups were well worth the wait.

–The weather also called for wooly socks and, while the geese took their ever-lovin’ time, 

I took a few seconds to admire my socks. I just got them from forever-fabulous textile

dealer, Wendy Christie,  who croched the lace onto vintage socks and caused a big sock-

buying frenzy at Brimfield. The lace adds a nice touch to my usual thick man-socks and


At the show, we saw our good friend, Paul Dorman (,

dressed to compliment his furnishings.  And, oh what furnishings they were!

His 36-hen nesting box makes the 15 holer on my barn look positively puny!

   His      Mine   

It was so hard to focus as your head swivelled….antiques….view….antiques….view….

This dealer was clever enough to just give in to the view, setting up all of his chairs

facing what everyone really wanted to see anyway. His chairs were never empty and

I hope that the extreme joy in the setting helped translate to sales for his wonderful



A day that almost couldn’t get better did just that with a stop at the Ice Cream Man

for homemade Almond Joy ice cream cones, a sweet end to a beautiful day.