Storm Of Colors In Hudson

June 12, 2010.  Put it on your calendar!   ‘Cause that’s the day that

Earth Angels, Hudson Supermarket and I are finally coming together 

in one giant colorful explosion of art, antiques, food and fun.

Above, Chris, Cassandra, Able, Ken, me, artist Jennifer Lanne, artist

Kitty Babendreier, and Earth Angel’s Jen O’Connor make the final

arrangements for an Artists’ Showcase, to be held at the Hudson

Supermarket, Hudson, NY.  It  promises to be an event to remember.

Featured in magazines such as Country Living and Where Women

Create,  some of today’s most talked-about  artists will be showing

their work which includes  paintings, mixed-media,  jewelry and

wearable art, textile pieces, vintage shadowboxes and more. The

antique dealers of the Hudson Supermarket will be ready with

fabulous items to charm and amaze. Me? Grain sacks, natch !

Not to be missed is The Cafe at Hudson Supermarket, where the

incredible Chef Chris will be rustling up the most delicious food.

Plus, cupcakes! Worried about that second helping? Walk it off on

Warren Street where dozens of antique and other very intriguing

shops await.

Above, on the right, is Kathy. She’s royalty, the queen of some small

country that no one has ever heard of.  And yet, her invitation to

come and enjoy the day with us is as warmly extended as if she were

everyday people, like you and me. We hope you can make it!

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  1. What a beautiful blog. I wish I were going to be in your area for
    your June celebration. My husband and I will be near there in
    the fall so I am hoping to find you then.
    I have really enjoyed visiting your interesting blog.
    Your stories are very interesting and fun. This is
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    Thank you.

  2. I am sitting at Blooming Rose’s computer while she walks the dog.
    She introduced me to, and told me to peruse your lovely blog because
    I will be visiting that area very soon. Several of us will be in the Saratoga
    area in the first half of June and BRose said we have to be on the lookout
    for your wonderful antiques. I’m looking forward to it.
    I see you have an interesting event on June 12th in Hudson so we are all
    planning on meeting you then. I am looking forward to it.
    You have a very lovely blog and I intend to visit it often.
    Ciao Bella.