Speaking of Faces…

My good old friend, Janet Sherwood,  always makes me laugh.  Her

response to the  blog  I had written about the faces of my people was 

“you’ve shown me yours, now I’ll show you mine!”   And so she did.

And here she is…..Joanie Woodenhead !

Joanie is a beautiful girl with a past.  Born in the 1800’s, she spent the

1960’s on the porch of a biker’s bar and the 70’s as a coyote pelt model.

Janet brought her home in the 80’s where she is treated like the royalty

that she is.

–Janet’s shop, Antiques at 30B in Cambridge, NY,  sells some of the

finest, funkiest, folkiest furnishings and objects to be found

anywhere. Check it out!  www.antiquesat30b.com . Thank you,

Janet and Joanie !

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