Snowbound. Not.

—-This morning I went on and on about how I would spend my time today, a

snowbound free spirit  with a whole lotta nothin’  to do. (Read all about it in the blog

below, but only if you’ve nothing better to do, please!)

—-Clearly, though,  I forgot who am. I had barely turned off  the computer before I

was remembering the important things of  life :  my business, my customers, my

sources. And then I got to thinking about why I would let a little snow keep me away

from the bank where I had business more pressing than the visions of fireplaces, lap

cats and pots of soup that danced in my head.  I needed to go to the bank.  I needed a

money transfer sent to Europe. It really couldn’t wait.  Not while I lured cats, who

would  know I was up to no good, out of hiding. Not while I made soup. Soup?  Who

am I kidding with that one?

—-So off I went, out into a beautiful white world. Really, the pleasure was all mine as,

alone on the road, I drove past woods full of those tall dark trees covered in snowball-like

blobs and pines edged in white. I was glad that I was taking care of a picker who has taken

care of me. It was the right thing to do.

—-One thing I didn’t do was try my cool vintage sweater-clad windshield scraper, a

favorite Christmas present that still seems too soft and pretty to use in such a way.  Maybe

next time.

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