Tag sales just aren’t what they used to be.  But when what looks like just a so-so
sale is in the yard in front of an 1847 country school house, it is worth getting
out of the truck.
Sure enough, there was a treasure in the shed: a  beautiful stone mill wheel that we
were told had been pulled out of the Battenkill River many years ago.
Rolling it down the hill was easy…easy for me, with only the camera in my hand.
Setting it down was the hard part but, luckily, no one crushed any body parts.
The guy in the white tee was an innocent by-stander, bamboozled into the job
when I asked, not at all innocently, “wanna help us move something?”  What a
good sport and what a great stop this turned out to be.

One comment

  1. Wow! Just reading this and seeing the pictures one can feel the weight. How did you ever get it out of the truck when you returned home!?! Very happy to hear no body parts were crushed!