While we no longer sell from our house and barns, our furnishings

can be seen, 7 days a week, at:

The Antique Warehouse Hudson NY

99 South Front Street

Door 21 (Not Door 15)

Hudson, NY


Thanks so much for your interest.


  1. Hi Dana,

    Thank you for your purchase. You are welcome to exchange the Indigo Cloth at the Antiques Warehouse,
    99 Front Street, Door 21, Hudson, NY., on Sat, Sept 10, 2016 under the following conditions:
    1. You have your receipt
    2. The textile has not been washed using fabric softener, has not been placed in with mothballs and
    does not have any smoke or other odors, all of which are almost impossible to remove.
    3. The exchanged can only be made at the Antiques Warehouse which is the first large shop that is
    directly inside Door 21. There are other shops in the building, which are accessed by walking through
    the Antiques Warehouse. That group of shops is called RADC and is not part of the Antiques Warehouse.
    The building can be confusing but we are the first place at the only entrance.

    I have quite a few new pieces of Indigo Cloth since you made your purchase at The Hudson Mercantile,
    so there will be more for you to choose from. Of course, I know that might make it harder! I have some
    of the older, more faded ones, as well.


  2. Hello Stephanie,
    My husband and I were in The Hudson Mercantile and he fell in love with your Indigo fabrics. I went back and purchased one for his birthday (this weekend) and asked if he preferred a different pattern if he could exchange it. They shared that your fabrics would be moving to the Warehouses on Front Street so they were not sure. I have not yet given him the gift but we are coming back to Hudson this Saturday the 10th (because he wants to look at the fabrics again and pick one). First, in which store will we find them. Second, if he chooses a pattern different that the one I purchased can we exchange it. Thanks for taking the time to consider this.

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