Turn That Thing Off !

Ever been to Montour Falls ?  It is just below Seneca Lake, one of  New York

State’s beautiful Finger Lakes.  We used to go there a lot to see a picker who always

had antiques and wing chairs for me to upholster with grain sacks.  The first time

we went, this is what we saw…..


Right at the end of Main Street, a stupendous water fall that sure did look like it

was falling right into this house.

A sneak peek around the side of the house revealed a wide, fast moving  river

at the base of  the falls.   For Ken and me, who were only visitors, the sound of

the rushing water was appealing.  Although I don’t know how I would feel if I

lived in that house and could never turn the water off.


  1. Hey Steph. I haven’t looked at your site for a long time and when I saw your entry about the Finger Lakes, I was just thrilled. I used to live in nearby Newark (1980s) and I spent many hours haunting towns such as Geneva and Seneca for goodies. I also carved wooden dolls, folk art style at the kitchen table with an old jacknife as my two small daughters played nearby. Our house was a late 19th Century “mansion” complete with stained glass windows and an overgrown weed garden of a yard. There was a stream in the back of the property where we would catch small minnows, then leave them in a container on the barn turned garage outside window ledge for a few days until we set them free. That’s when I first started antiquing, not just for personal props, but for extra money. Thanks for the entry and for digging up some old and very pleasant memories.

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    have been constantly checking in to see whether you are selling grain sacks again. I am in Australia and would love to buy from you.
    Kind Regards