Let It Snow

Last year we had a very unusual winter in our little part of the north east.  Much to my

dismay, while friends everywhere else, even in Texas, sang “Let It Snow,” I kept

asking “where’s mine” ?

This year, though, the Farmer’s Almanac has kept its promise of a cold, snowy winter

and I am in my glory.

Every window calls me to gaze upon an otherworldly grey and white landscape.

If only they knew, my bees, asleep for now, would probably be so happy to be

missing this chilly day.

Tomorrow we are scheduled for another 12 inches.

The wind blows, the snow drifts. What’s left behind is art that no human

hand can match.

As snow inches its way to the top of my 4′ tall well cover,  I wonder if it can get any


Another tall piece, this 5′ tall urn almost disappears from view before my eyes.

Watching the birds is a favorite activity at our house.  I am enthralled by the way our

diminutive friends puff up to keep warm.

Ken keeps a path cleared to the feeder.  Even though we know that these winter

birds don’t really need our contributions,  it feels good to think we are providing

a treat.  For us, the reward is huge as we watch a steady parade of fine-feathered

entertainers, tiny spots of color in an otherwise-monochromatic view.

The sun sets and dusk spreads purple over my white world, adding another rich layer

to my winter life.


  1. Oh my goodness, you certainly have had an abundance of snow! Your pictures are gorgeous.
    I love how with each new snowfall the earth looks so fresh and pristine. I can’t decide if my favorite picture is the bicycle or the cupola. Actually, because of my love of birds I would definitely have to go with your sweet little feathered friends…they really are magnificent. How do they survive in such cold weather!?! I love your use of the word “chilly”. Hmm, I understand it was around -22 in your area for a few nights…my dear, I don’t consider that “chilly”…to me it is down-right freezing!!! Heavenly pictures.

  2. Septhanie, wow. I enjoyed your blog tremendously!! You are quite the writer and quite the photographer…… I LOVED the photos of your yard. Ours looks much the same. I will email you a few shots.

  3. What a treat to visit here again, thanks to Blooming Rose. I enjoyed the last few posts and will have to come back for more!

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