It’s Big

–We were wandering around some country roads in Vermont looking for interesting stuff

to buy.  A sign that proclaimed “Big Furniture Sale” caught our attention and we took the

required left-hand turn.

–Not knowing how old the sign was (the sale could have been three weeks ago ’cause who

takes signs down anymore?) and not knowing how old the furniture was (a herculon sofa?

a pressed-board dresser? a Philadelphia highboy?) was never an issue. The word on the sign

that made us act was “Big!”  It’s not that we don’t care for medium-sized things. We just

really love the large, the heavy, the outrageous. We mostly sell industrial furniture, the kind

of things that have to be loaded onto our truck with a fork lift. We’re always hoping for a 16′

table, a country store counter, an architectural wonder.

We followed the signs down a long driveway.  And then we saw it. It was big alright!  And it

was metal (another favorite). It was so wonderful that we thought that the man running the

sale would never be planning to part with such a treasure.  Amazingly, though, he would and

 did part with it….. this huge, fabulous nautical float, the float of all floats.

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