Happy News from Newcastle!

Merry Olde England has just gotten a whole lot merrier!  My cousin, Graham, and his wife, Lynsey, are having a baby! It’s their first and we are as happy as we can be to hear this nice news.

The last time Ken and I saw Graham and Lynsey was in New York City, where we spent a laughter-filled day walking and walking and walking the sidewalks of Noo Yawk.  We sat down twice. Once to get a quick bite. Once to watch the skateboarders in Washington Square.

A passing faith healer stopped to work on my thumb injury (alright, you can stop your laughing right this minute! I am an equal-opportunity patient. If a sign-carrying orthopedic doctor had come along, s/he would also have been given a fair chance.) While my oh-so-disbelieving companions laughed behind their hands, the healer performed a noisy, dramatic, public display around my thumb, complete with arm waving and wooshing sounds. Graham stooped so low as to give a long-distance blow-by-blow to Peter (his father, my real cousin? Back home in England!) feeding much fuel to the fire of embarassment started by the growing group of gawking strangers I could feel all around me.

Well here’s what I have to say to all of the nay-sayers:  my thumb feels sooo much better!  Who’s to say whether credit goes to the healer, the passage of time or to the memory of a day spent with people I love, a day that never fails to make me smile?

I asked Graham if the baby will be part Noo Yawka.  His reply: Ya wanna find out, ya come to Noocastle!  Sounds good to me. I wonder if there’s a room with a view for my friend the faith healer?

All our love and congratulations go across the pond to “our own ones”.

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