Fun…Without Me

Below :   Jennifer, me, Ken and Jen here at Old Sunnybrook.

–Well, they’ve all gone!  My friends are flying and driving to Ohio for the Country

Living Show. 

–Hugely successful entrepreneur and art representative, Jen O’Connor..below, right..

(, who can be seen touring the show grounds on her scooter in 

the ads in Country Living Mag., has a big tent at the show.  One of her bright stars, Jennifer

Lanne..below, left..  (, is the most talented painter I know.  She is

selling her incredible work and doing demonstrations all during the weekend. 

Katie Camarro, sweet chef extraordinaire, ( is not only selling her best

tasting hot fudge but doling out samples to the lucky hungry hoards.  Artist Beth

Cunningham ( is Katie’s wing man on this trip and, as she has criss-

crossed the country doing shows for more than 25 years (her wing man: Zoe, the

grayhound), she will be a perfect travelling companion.  My friends, antique dealers Jo

and Lou Culbertson, from St. Louis will also be there with their totally cool antiques.

–So why am I not on this jaunt?  Why didn’t I throw a few hundred grain sacks in the

truck and buzz off?  Every year I say I’m going and every year it’s something else

that makes me stay behind.

–Oh, I know! The Blue Mountain Antique Show for one! It’s an Adirondack favorite of

ours.  And, we’re moving into another fabulous antique center next week….that’s right!

Ken has a whole load of stuff to get ready for that.  I guess if I really think about it, I

can come up with alot of good excuses.

–But, next year I’m going.  Somebody must need a wing man like me.

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