For Those Who See

 Amish people live in New York State.  Did you know that?

We drove by this field of Amish haystacks one day when an appointment with a picker left

us no time to stop.  Edged in wildflowers and with a fabulous view, not to mention the funky

haystacks, the field begged us to come back another day.

A few weeks later, we were back in that same area.  After a few wrong turns, there they

were, right where we left them, looking like wonky little cartoon characters marching in


I know that they have a purpose and that hard work is involved.  But, as I sit here today, it is

easy to think that these haystacks, that have compelled me to go out of my way, are placed

here for the pleasure of those of us who don’t just drive by,  but stop to really see.

One comment

  1. Hello Stephanie-
    I have been living in New Zealand and Australia for the last several years. I am back in
    the United States today visiting my godmother BloomingRose who has introduced me to
    the world of blogging. I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I have enjoyed
    viewing your blog. Your grain sacks are beautiful. I will be leaving tonight because we
    are now moving to Europe. Both my mother and my godmother collect antiques and I
    am starting to do the same. Thank you for letting me view your interesting blog and I
    hope I can keep viewing it from Europe.