Brimfield. July. Perfect.

It is Wednesday, 4:45 am, with just enough time to write a few words before dashing off to get in line for the 6am opening of New England Motel.

While most July Brimfields are so hot, hazy and humid that even the tiniest treasure seems too heavy to carry, this one is just perfect. It makes everything easier, more interesting, more fun.

We started Monday with Marrier’s Flea Market (nothing for us this time) and some of the tag sales along Route 32 where we found a few good pieces of furniture to re-upholster with German grain sacks.  Next, we headed for the always- wonderful Textile Show in Sturbridge and then on to assignations with dealer/friends in Brimfield.

Tuesday was  a very good buying day for us. We started at 5am and found more upholstered furniture, some hunky wooden tables with drawers and quite a few industrial tables and carts. Some favorite finds :  60 cakes of white soap…ca. 1940…with embossed people and lots of funky writing; a 4′ long builder’s model house with fabulous hardwood floors, electric lights, glass windows and bookcases; 4 dozen (authentic) silvered glass bottles; a large dome-top leather trunk; a full set of beautifully-painted organ pipes with the original hanging rack.

The crowds were there! People were buying and seem pleased. Everyone looked happy. The weather helps but, in the end, it’s all about the antiques!

Ooops! Time to get in line!

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