Blah, Blah, Blah

Blah, blah, blah. When will she ever run out of things to say?

She just goes on and on. I’d rather sleep.

If I ignore her, she’ll just go away.

Too bad!  In the words of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, “I will not be ignored!”

One comment

  1. What wonderful pictures of the magnificent eagle! Your pictures are beautiful. I love the cart you have made to a daybed. I can just see it on a porch waiting for a long summer nap. The grain
    sack pillows are perfect for the sofa-cart. A wonderful combination of rustic, earthy and classy.
    I too love words and markings on things. I think it shows the creative spirit. My dad had beautiful writing and signed and labeled everything. He was also a doodler and doodled on every-thing. His doodle “trademarks” were little doodled animals. One day I looked down and noticed he’d even doodled little birds and horses on his sneakers! Creativity knows NO bounds!

    And that’s no blah, blah, blah! Thank you for a wonderful blog.