An Eagle Eye

Last week we headed to Massachusetts to meet one of the factory guys and to

pick up more of the industrial pieces that we turn into furniture.  Just before

we crossed over the border into Vermont, we noticed a few people with

cameras taking photos of what looked like nothing but a field of cut corn stalks

and a hill way off in the background.  There were “No Parking Or Stoping” signs

all along this back-country road. Why? Who would want to park here anyway?

This was all intriguing enough to make us want to stop (and park!) on our way

back home. On our return trip we did park, about  a mile down the road, and

trekked to the spot where the photographers had been. Here’s what we found :

And this !  A huge eagle’s nest.  With a sitting bald eagle. Can you see its white

head in the middle of the nest?  Even with the telephoto lens, the 350′ rule

made it difficult to get a perfect picture. 

As thrilled as we were at this siting, we enjoyed even more the closer contact

with this eagle (below)  just down the road from our house.  Ken jogs in this area 

and sees a pair of eagles soaring over the water almost every day. His eagle eye

spotted this beautiful bird on our way home yesterday.

I don’t blame Ken for getting out of the truck to get a better look.  Of course, that

was the eagle’s cue to fly away home. Probably to a nest similar to the one we saw

last week.

Eagles can spot a tiny meal from high in the sky.  Our sight is not as keen.  It is

insight, I guess, that allows us to see beyond what is in plain sight.

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