A Summer Full of Brimfield

Our summers seem to run from Brimfield to Brimfield to Brimfield.  No sooner has May ended than July is here, then September, and it’s over for another year. There are a million pleasing ways to while away the summer days, but, for us, nothing ever quite comes close to the thrill and satisfaction of Brimfield.

This past May, we set up at the Vintage Textile Show in Sturbridge, Ma. and Heart of the Mart at Brimfield.  We took hundreds of fabulous hand-decorated German grain sacks, furniture upholstered with grain sacks and industrial carts and tables for display. We had a wonderful time, sold most of what we brought, met some great people and spent  the other days of that week out in the fields buying.

We are not selling at any of the July shows so we will just be buying, seeing people,  and enjoying the whole experience. And, since we don’t have to get ready for any shows, we can spend our time talking about our favorite things at Brimfield.

Sitting in the food court at Hertan’s is right at the top of the list. Watching the people go by carrying everything under the sun, transporting treasures by any means possible. In May, we saw a man pushing a baby stroller. The stroller was bulging with antique loot while a poodle, presumably the normal occupant of the stroller, was happily riding on the hood. Also spotted, was a guy carrying a pile of chairs on his head. So many buyers ride bikes through the fields, later to be seen with both bike and rider loaded down with a virtual plethora of goodies.

Other things we love are the feeling on Tuesday morning when excitement is high and anything seems possible, the fresh-squeezed lemonade that just hits the spot after 3 hours of walking, the Pilgrim Sandwich even when the line is too long, the rush when the gates open, making it to your favorite dealer before anyone else, buying the coolest thing you’ve ever seen, the big chicken (or cow or man with a cane)…you know: the 15 foot tall wonder that took 6 strong men to unload, war stories, seeing your friend across the street carrying 4 chandeliers and knowing you would have helped her if only you hadn’t been carrying 6 yourself….

The buying and selling are fun and, of course,  great for business. But, it’s  the things that make us laugh, gawk, sneer or call our friends back home to report some amazing siting that keep us enthralled.

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