A Country Chaise and A Tantrum

–It only took 6 hours (2 hours of in-person training last week in Burlington, Vt….

not to mention the 6 hours of driving time, a 1 hour DimDim…or, as I call it, Dumb

Dumb…session this morning and 3 hours of trial, error and tears this afternoon) for

me to enter this one photo, here in this spot.

–Now that it’s in, I wonder if I can do it again.  And, if not, why did I choose this

particular picture when I have so many others that I like, probably way more than

this one? Even so, it’s a good-looking daybed with its grain sack pillow (even though

it is so unfortunately placed across the center of the picture), very few weeds appear

in the spaces where I mean to have moss or creeping-something growing, the road

hardly shows.  And, after all, it IS a country road. But what’s that spot on the stone? 

Does it exist or is it some camera concoction?  It was starting to rain as I set up the

shot and I had to think fast: save the daybed or save the camera? Oh, go ahead, one

quick click won’t hurt….

–But wait! Why am I obsessing over imperfections, both real and imagined, when,

finally, after weeks of wishing, success is mine?  Look what I did!  Who cares what it

looks like!  In fact, it is fabulous.

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