When Jerry Calls….

When Jerry calls, I come running! Jerry is my much-loved friend and upholsterer, and

a trip to his workshop nets more than just fabulous grain sack furniture. There are always

babies of some kind…this time it’s chicks. 10 of them, all hatched by one busy hen. The

chicks weren’t all that pleased to have me in the hen house with my camera so there are

no pictures of the tiny,  multi-colored balls of fluff  today.


There’s some beautiful grain sack furniture, though,  so it’s chairs… not chicks… for now!

Thank you,  Jerry!

Riding Along In An Automobile…..

Riding along in the middle of nowhere through central New York’s Leatherstocking

district looking for antiques, we spotted an old milk truck  grill  languishing in the

weeds on the side of a fabricator’s shop.    We love old cars as much as old anything

else so, of course, we u-turned and headed back to see if it was for sale. 

The owner was not only willing but was ready and able……


ready to cut out the radiator and other unwanted (by us) parts.  And able to roll out

some stories about cars in particular and life in general.

 The grill now graces the wall of our barn reminding us of antique cars we have owned

and loved but don’t have time for right now and how lucky we are to come across

these treasures…the stuff and the stories… that make life so much fun.