Good Things Come To…Me!

I was sent an invitation to an estate sale that was incorrectly dated on some of the notices,

including mine.  So I arrived late…three days into the sale.  But just look what had not yet

been purchased and now had a lovely price reduction, bringing it soundly into my price


A fabulous French butcher’s counter.  Proving, once again, that good things come to those

who wait.  Apparently, even if they don’t know they are waiting.

(Bench in background upholstered in German grain sack.)

It’s Big

–We were wandering around some country roads in Vermont looking for interesting stuff

to buy.  A sign that proclaimed “Big Furniture Sale” caught our attention and we took the

required left-hand turn.

–Not knowing how old the sign was (the sale could have been three weeks ago ’cause who

takes signs down anymore?) and not knowing how old the furniture was (a herculon sofa?

a pressed-board dresser? a Philadelphia highboy?) was never an issue. The word on the sign

that made us act was “Big!”  It’s not that we don’t care for medium-sized things. We just

really love the large, the heavy, the outrageous. We mostly sell industrial furniture, the kind

of things that have to be loaded onto our truck with a fork lift. We’re always hoping for a 16′

table, a country store counter, an architectural wonder.

We followed the signs down a long driveway.  And then we saw it. It was big alright!  And it

was metal (another favorite). It was so wonderful that we thought that the man running the

sale would never be planning to part with such a treasure.  Amazingly, though, he would and

 did part with it….. this huge, fabulous nautical float, the float of all floats.

Power To The ….Pigs?


Anyone remember the 60’s?  Free love!  Flower power!  Power To The People! 

Apparently, the new century calls for a new mantra : Sow Power!

I’m not quite sure if the message has reached the hundred or so pigs luxuriating in

the mud behind the barn, but I guess it is as good a slogan as any I’ve heard lately.

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Grain Sack Goat

So, we had been shopping for a few days at Madison-Bouckville, a large outdoor

antique show/flea market in central New York, when my sixth sense for grain

sacks suddenly kicked in. That the sack was wrapped around the neck of an old

goat was not the point. It was a grain sack and all grain sacks must have their due.


Eventually, however, the animal sporting the sack claimed my full attention, and

rightfully so.  He was made of burlap, old sheeting and the afore-mentioned grain

sack over linoleum, over a metal drum on wheels, all of which could be pulled

with a wooden lawn mower handle.  A wool face, real horns and a horse-hair beard

completed his look.  Inside his drum was a mechanism which could deliver a

mean little surprise: a small shock when his back was touched!  Yikes!  Fortunately,

he was turned off when I came along.  He’s a Fraternal thing, of course.  Masonic

or (appropriately) Odd Fellows. 

As cool as he was, the $325 dealer price made him more than I wanted to spend. 

But, he was fun to see and it’s always nice to discover another way to use my

grain sacks!

A Country Chaise and A Tantrum

–It only took 6 hours (2 hours of in-person training last week in Burlington, Vt….

not to mention the 6 hours of driving time, a 1 hour DimDim…or, as I call it, Dumb

Dumb…session this morning and 3 hours of trial, error and tears this afternoon) for

me to enter this one photo, here in this spot.

–Now that it’s in, I wonder if I can do it again.  And, if not, why did I choose this

particular picture when I have so many others that I like, probably way more than

this one? Even so, it’s a good-looking daybed with its grain sack pillow (even though

it is so unfortunately placed across the center of the picture), very few weeds appear

in the spaces where I mean to have moss or creeping-something growing, the road

hardly shows.  And, after all, it IS a country road. But what’s that spot on the stone? 

Does it exist or is it some camera concoction?  It was starting to rain as I set up the

shot and I had to think fast: save the daybed or save the camera? Oh, go ahead, one

quick click won’t hurt….

–But wait! Why am I obsessing over imperfections, both real and imagined, when,

finally, after weeks of wishing, success is mine?  Look what I did!  Who cares what it

looks like!  In fact, it is fabulous.